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PRO 248

PRO 248

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PRO 248 is a dual channel active DI specially developed by UNiKA for electric guitar and electric bass. It is equipped with a 260KΩ over-impedance input terminal and a special isolation transformer, which can provide very rich harmonic and overtones for musical instruments.


PRO 248 is an active dual-channel DI box. Unlike traditional DI, PRO 248 uses +48V phantom power instead of the traditional 9V dry cell battery, so users can use it on the mixer or external phantom power supply. Power is supplied to PRO 248, the power supply circuit and the output signal line are shared, and no additional power cord is required. The +48V indicators are set on the upper cover. The +48V circuit specially selects the British OEP PT-4 pulse transformer.

PRO 248 has a pair of built-in UNiKA-PROTM EI30A10E 1+1:1+1 isolation transformers, which has a special copper foil layer and a dedicated ground layer, which allows this device to restore high signal/noise ratio and dynamic sound, and can avoid unnecessary leakage caused by radio frequency interference, ground interference and potential difference. PRO 248 is especially suitable for electronic musical instruments, recording studios and fixed installation projects by using mixers.

The PRO 248 uses two TRS sockets on the input, and two TRS through out are convenient for musician to pass the direct signal to the instrument amplifier. In addition, it is equipped with a 0/-20dB attenuation switch and LED indicator, which is suitable for various types of audio signals with high and low impedance. The output terminal is also equipped with a GND/LIFT button to quickly eliminate ground noise.


- Power by external +48V phantom power
- Built-in UNiKA-PROTM EI30A10E isolation transformer
- Use British OEP PT-4 1:1 audio pulse transformer in phantom power circuit
- +48V status indicator on the upper cover
- The input socket uses a pair of TRS jacks
- Use a pair of TRS jacks as through out terminal
- At 0dB input, the set load impedance is 260KΩ, which can clearly show the high frequency overtones , harmonic and graininess of electric guitars or electric bass
- 50Ω ultra-low impedance output, suitable for various types of mixers and pre-amp equipment
- There is 0dB/-20dB input signal attenuation switch with status indicator
- The output is equipped with a GND/LIFT switch


Circuit principle - Active low-noise op-amp with Transformer balance output
Input connector - 2 x TRS
Thru connector - 2 x TRS
Input pad switch/indicator - 0/-20dB push button with LED
Power supply - +48V Phantom power through output connector with LED indicator on top cover
Output connector - 2 x Male XLR through ISO Transformer
Output GND/LIFT switch - Shared push button
Input impedance - 260KΩ / 0dB, 50KΩ/-20dB
Output impedance - 50Ω
Max. input level before clipping - +10dB
Max Output level - +10dB
Frequency response - 20Hz-20KHz, +0.05/-0.5dB
S/N ratio @20Hz~20KHz un-weight - >95dB
T.H.D. @1KHz 0dBV output - <0.02%
Transformer Ratio - 1:1+1:1
Chassis - 1.6mm/1.2mm steel cabinet and chassis
Surface finished - Durable complex painting
Dimension (W x D x H) - 78 x 124 x 46 mm
Weight - 0.66Kg
Shipping weight - 0.69kg
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