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SoundWire Bundle

SoundWire Bundle

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Consists of SoundWire Cable, Pouch and Adapter each. Premium-grade components crafted for reliability and longevity. Get the sound quality you crave with SoundWire's robust kit.


The SoundWire is the first-of-its-kind DAC to XLR cable interface, seamlessly streaming 192 kHz, 32-bit audio from playback directly to the mixing console, with just one connection and nothing else in between.

SoundWire Pouch

Protect your SoundWire
Crafted from durable fabric and advanced Neoprene, our custom-designed pouch keeps the SoundWire neatly organised and easily accessible, preventing it from getting lost or tangled among other equipment when stored. The pouch features Fidlock®, a quick snap-on magnetic fastening technology, for quick, easy and satisfying use.

SoundWire Adapter

SoundWire USB-A to USB-C Adapter
The Sonnect-branded USB Type-A to Type-C adapter enables users to connect their SoundWire to a legacy USB-A port. The custom design fits snugly around the USB-C connector, creating a strong and seamless connection.
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